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Welcome to Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a project by Rachel & Fearghal Hendron. We’re super excited to open the site up today for an early access, sneak peak at what we’re planning.

Some of you may already know us, but if you don’t, you can learn about Fearghal here, and Rachel here.

What is Speakeasy

Speakeasy is a directory of therapists and counsellors in New Zealand. We hear you; “Not another directory”, but we think we are going to do things a little differently, for the good of the community.

We see that in building this community we can offer a number of services and benefits to counsellors and therapists and help elevate the entire profession in New Zealand. This will not be simply a listing service, but will come with a range of benefits in the future.

There is lots to do and think about, but right now, we’re laser focused testing out the onboarding and listing processes. It’s free for now, until we’re confident it all works as expected. Once we’re sure, we’ll start to charge a nominal fee to cover hosting, admin and fund development. When we start to charge, we’ll be sure to offer a thank you discount to those who try it out now. Until then, make sure you get listed now.

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