About Us


Speak Easy is a project by Rachel & Fearghal.

Rachel is a Focusing-Oriented Therapist & Trainer. She’s a highly qualified therapist and practises a mix of Focusing and Brainspotting in working with clients. You can see her private practise website, Vibrant Life for more info.

Fearghal is a Senior Product Designer currently working at MYOB in Auckland and has about 10 years of experience designing software and websites. He has worked on Banking and Accounting applications, Retail websites and Social Networks and is excited to be working on this project.

Right now, it’s completely free to get listed as a therapist and has the primary aim of making it simpler for Counsellors and Therapists to be found online, We want to do this in a self service and supported way.

We’ve recently relocated to New Zealand, and are aiming to promote easy access to therapy and counselling services across the country. In the year that we have been here, Rachel has set up an increadibly successful private practise working primarily online. This has been supported by Fearghal’s technological expertise and User Experience Design background. You can learn more about us below.

As we have been going through this journey, we’ve seen that this is not easy. Especially if the therapist doesn’t have a natural ability to use technology. Many of the existing directories are time consuming to set-up, maintain and often relying on email communication for any minor changes. We believe this should be as easy as setting up a Facebook profile, and shouldn’t be that expensive. So we set up Speak Easy to try and make it easier.

We’re aiming to change the status quo, by giving you access to your own profile and support you when needed in creating that. We’ll also be working towards developing other benefits and services for our community once we get more established.

While we get set up, this is a completely free service, but once we’re in full swing, we will begin charging a modest fee to cover admin and maintenance costs.

You can always send us a message using the Contact Us form.